The best watches for couples this Valentine’s Day

by John Wallis


February 07. 2018 - by John Wallis

As we all know, there are two types of people in the world: those who love watches, and those who would love watches if only they spent more time with them. Watches are always good gift ideas, and for a lover or spouse doubly so - especially if you can find a nice set of his and her pieces for you both. Valentine's Day may just be the perfect opportunity for investment...

Some call it twee, others adorable, but the idea of matching style or fashion items with one's significant other has proven irresistible to many. Being one of the subtler items in the wardrobe, watches are often the perfect place to express such compatibility.

There are various ways to go about selecting your perfect set, but most couples are not after identical timepieces. It’s often preferable to use small differences (in colour, size etc) to highlight each others' unique personalities. Look for complimentary versions of the same model. The ladies' watches and men’s watches within a given brand's stable will often support such a choice - watches for women are frequently designed as smaller, more decorative versions of the "male" watch.

Whether a Valentine's Day gift or for any other occasion, a pair of gorgeous luxury watches in this vein can prove a very meaningful item for couples. Below, we highlight five excellent choices for your consideration:

Rolex Datejust:

You can never go wrong with the magnificent Rolex Datejust, but it is particularly well-suited to his and hers combinations. The watch design, virtually unchanged since its release in 1945, is so classic and sophisticated that it is virtually unisex, and looks equally great for both genders. With its flawless in-house movements, mighty historical stature and incredible versatility, the Datejust is admired by almost everyone. The "Lady" Datejust is available in a range of sizes and materials, with a large number of variants to please every taste. Many women nevertheless end up choosing a "male" model - the options are broad for those seeking the perfect matching pair.


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean:

The Omega Seamaster is one of the great icons of modern horology, first released in 1957 when, together with the Submariner, it revolutionised diving watches once and for all. In 2005, the Seamaster Planet Ocean splashed onto the scene as a vibrant, energetic reimagining of the original classic. Immediately popular, the Planet Ocean has remained a fan favourite thanks to its glorious and colourful design. Despite certain masculine associations from having been worn by James Bond in Casino Royale and its sequels, a bevy of Planet Ocean watches for women have proven equally successful, and the perfect match when bought for couples. Not an ounce of quality or style has been sacrificed.


TAG Heuer Formula 1:

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 was the first new watch born out of the partnership of Heuer and Techniques d’Avant Garde in the 1980s after the quartz crisis. Both brands had a long and prestigious history in the realm of motorsports, and had been involved with Formula One as sponsors and timekeepers. The Formula 1 watch was an immediate hit and a godsend for the new brand. Other than a brief lull following LVMH acquisition, it has been in production ever since, enjoying a variety of superlative upgrades over the years. Today you can choose from a range of stunning models for both men and women - some sportier than others. Whatever your interests as a couple, these timepieces are guaranteed to look good and make you happy.

Breitling Colt:

Breitling is known as the master of aviation watches, and several of its well-known watch families - from the Navitimer to the Chronomat - were made specifically for the armed forces. The Breitling Colt is another such military-grade watch. While the Colt may perhaps be considered a "junior" brother to the likes of the Navitimer, at least in terms of prestige, it is nevertheless one of the company's bestsellers, and a gorgeous little timepiece in its own right. Most are fitted with superb superquartz movements and are extremely well-finished, with excellent water resistance. The Colt Lady is just as accomplished, maintaining the watch's sporty prowess while streamlining the design for extra elegance - add a diamond bezel if you really want to dazzle.


Nomos Tangente:

If you're looking for something really stylish to stand out from the crowd this Valentine's Day, you and your loved one may wish to turn away from Switzerland and head to Germany. One of the coolest up-and-coming brands today, Nomos Glashütte is known for its effortlessly lovely Bauhaus designs that introduce a whole new sense of chic to luxury watches. The Nomos Tangente is one of its oldest and most beloved watch families, known for its minimalist, clean layout and consummate, dapper cool. Not to mention the stunning in-house movement inside - the brand prides itself on producing every part of the watch. The options for both men and women are equally adorable and bound to make you fall in love all over again.

John Wallis

by John Wallis

Living and working in London, John has been writing about watches since graduating university. He got his start at SalonQP, London's finest watch show, where he was inspired by the breadth and creativity of the modern industry. His fascination with mechanical horology has only grown from there.

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