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Lady Hamilton

Delicate, classic, and feminine – the Lady Hamilton is the perfect timepiece for today’s modern woman. No matter what the occasion, the watch convinces with a timeless charm and proves to be the perfect companion for a friendly get-together or an elegant evening out.

All Lady Hamilton Watches

Lady Hamilton Quartz

A watch for style-conscious women

The Lady Hamilton watches are comprised of stainless steel cases and are fitted with a delicate square dial. Furthermore, a reliable quartz movement powers the watch. The Lady Hamilton has established itself as a popular cocktail timepiece – a genre that has been increasing in popularity throughout the years. The Lady Hamilton on the wrist provides a distinct feminine statement and doubles as an elegant piece of jewellery.

Compared to its sister model – the Lady Hamilton Vintage – the Lady Hamilton Quartz exudes a comparably modern feel. The timepiece features simple transitions and simple clarity. The model is available with a two or four-row stainless steel bracelet. The Latter option can be fitted with an exquisite diamond set case. A powerful quartz movement powers both variants, making the Lady Hamilton Quartz a reliable and precise watch. Additionally, the longevity of the collection is ensured with the use high-quality materials such as stainless steel and sapphire crystal. A beautiful standout feature of the watch is its distinct blue hand, which provides an exciting splash of colour to the overall design of the timepiece.

Lady Hamilton Vintage Quartz

Nostalgic flair in four distinctive variants

The Lady Hamilton Vintage Quartz is a watch that brings about a feeling of deep nostalgia. This particular model is available in four different versions and was designed with a distinctive Art Deco Style. The nowadays-rare design of the timepiece manifests in the specific shape of the watch bracelet and the delicate decorations that adorn the case of the watch. The materials of the Lady Hamilton Vintage Quartz are comprised of stainless steel, yellow gold, or rose gold, which provide the timepieces with the base of their individual colour schemes. It is important to note that the stainless steel variant can optionally be fitted with a diamond-studded case.

The Lady Hamilton Vintage models are catered to the modern woman who is not afraid to express her extravagant side. No matter how the bold Hamilton is paired, it always brings a pang of nostalgia to the heart, and provides any ensemble with a distinctive vintage flair.

Lady Hamilton

The elegant ladies watch for countless occasions

The Lady Hamilton timepieces belong to the American Classic/Timeless Classic collection. Hamilton has created two beautiful jewellery-watch models that share a watch dial in common, but delight with very distinctive styles. With a small case and a refined chain, both timepieces complement especially delicate wrists. The timepieces are available in a diverse range of timeless options that will complement any ensemble and outlast any trend.

The petite shape of the Lady Hamilton places the wrist in the limelight. Whether searching for a classic cocktail watch or an exceptional vintage masterpiece, the watches from the Lady Hamilton collection inspire with that “certain something”. It is no wonder that the most prominent of women are addicted to the feminine Hamilton pieces, among them being model and style icon Miranda Kerr.


Since the founding of the Hamilton brand in Lancaster Pennsylvania in 1982, the company has not only played a large role in the history of US watchmaking, but has also contributed greatly to the historic tales of the country as a whole. Hamilton supported their country with the production of accurate pocket watches that were utilised in the expansion of the rail industry and later provided the US Navy with outstanding chronographs during the Second World War.

The company has had its headquarters located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, since 1947. Since then, the company has maintained its spirit and values to this day. The philosophy of the company is based in American roots and Swiss watchmaking tradition.